Payroll services

Payroll is an integral part of a company which can be outsourced to a professional third party vendor so as to save time, energy and money in the hands of business owners. At CSH, we offer comprehensive payroll services to all business types. The primary objective is to relieve you of the administrative and payroll burdens so that you can focus on business growth and revenue related activities. We aimed at delivering quality payroll services while saving money and time of our esteemed clients.

CSH provides full range of services including:

  • Monthly competitive payroll preparation and payslip
  • Payroll tax reporting, and timely filing of payroll taxes
  • Payroll Statutory Contribution
    (CPF, Foreign workers Levy, Ethnics contributions, e.g. CDAC, National Service)
  • Payroll Reporting, including annual income tax report for all employee, IR8A
  • Expatriate and foreigner tax clearance


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